About us

Bruce Consulting is working within clinical research in all phases, I – IV, and we offer all from submission to clinical monitoring to project management in a broad variety of therapeutic areas from local to global level.

Furthermore, Bruce Consulting offers organizational management and line management both locally and globally.

In Bruce Consulting we are driven by the desire to create high performing teams with great team spirit.

We do so by taking the lead and setting an example. We are clear in our communication, set clear goals together with our teams and make our team members feel included and supported.

At Bruce Consulting we are driven by challenges, we are dedicated, loyal, accountable and passionate.

When solving a task within clinical research we have a structured and detail-oriented mindset with focus on the process and the end goal. We are focused on the team, our internal and external partners making sure that all involved parties get the support and deliverables needed. We strive to find the optimal solution and include our team members in the process.

In Bruce Consulting you will get accountability, dedication, flexibility and perseverance.

We are not hindered by a challenge but instead we assess the challenge, seek and consider potential solutions and choose the optimal for the specific task.

We thrive in a challenging and diverse environment and are always ready to adjust so we can be the optimal resource at all times, but we make sure never to lose focus on the task and the end goal.

At Bruce Consulting we have an extensive experience within the clinical research environment enabling us to understand and work closely with our clients and their costumers fulfilling their needs. We are therefore the partner to choose when having a task to be solved within clinical research.